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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ragunan Zoo

This is the biggest zoo in Jakarta.

Located on south Jakarta, Ragunan has a lot variety of mamals, primate, reptile and fish. This zoo also has a lot variety of plant. If you want to get there you can use the Busway, take the ragunan station or if you want you can use your private transportation. The traffic heading to the site is not to crowded, but in the weekend Ragunan Zoo visitors can reach up to 10.000 people. This zoo ticket is sell at a reasonable price and there's a lot of merchandise sold inside. Just be prepare with mosquito repelent and bring towels and water.


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Kevin said...

I have never been to Jakarta before. But I’m really in love with the place where has tropic feelings. Jakarta seems great from you photo.^_^

dion_abdi said...

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